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Ag-Services Inc. has been in the business of manufacturing and distributing sprout inhibitors for the protection of potato crops in storage since 1986. 

Potatoes & treatment

Adalia Group inc., licensed applicators in the prov. of Quebec,use specialized equipment and have many years of experience in application procedures of the Ag-Services products.

Different building design and varietal diversity across Canada require careful attention to detail in the treatment of storages.

It is this attention to detail and specialized expertise that make our applicators stand out from the competition.

Sprout Inhibitors

AG-SERVICES 98 A APotato Sprout Inhibitor is applied by fogging-type applicators which heat the product in a hot gas stream to the vapour state and then allow the issuing vapours to cool to a fine mist of particles.

Potatoes to be treated with AG-SERVICES 98 A APotato Sprout Inhibitor should be clean, with no surface water on them. The potato piles should be free of dirt that will prevent the free circulation of the fog laden air. 

Because AG-SERVICES 98 A APotato Sprout Inhibitor can inhibit wound healing, it is preferable to delay the application for at least two weeks or longer to allow the wounds to heal and the skins to mature.

AG-SERVICES Emulsifiable Concentrate is a emulsifiable formulation of food grade chlorpropham for treatment of potatoes to inhibit sprouting. It is mixed with water and applied to potatoes in the packing line. AG-SERVICES E.C. inhibits sprouting by preventing cell division. Contact with the buds on the tuber is essential for results to be effective.

Potatoes must be clean and all bruises and cuts must have healed before treatment. Dirt on the potato may prevent the chemical from reaching the buds. Application before wounds have healed will prevent suberization and will leave the tuber open to infection by disease. Normally a minimum of two weeks should elapse after harvest and before treatment

SmartBlock® is the breakthrough, post-harvest sprout inhibitor that gives you the versatility to effectively manage and achieve sprout control in stored potatoes.

It can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other spout inhibitors. SmartBlock acts only on the exposed and rapidly growing sprout tissue, and is safe for use on all potatoes, except seed potatoes.

AG-SERVICES 98 A Sprout Inhibitor APotato can be applied at any time after the potatoes are stored.

Potatoes must be clean and all bruises and cuts must have healed before treatment.

 Application before wounds have healed will leave the tuber open to infection by disease.

Other products

The Adalia group inc., uses and supplies the AG SERVICES products for the treatment of stored potatoes.

AG-SERVICES General Storage Disinfectant is a disinfectant cleaner and deodorant when used as directed and also provides effective control of bacterial ring rot (Cornebacterium sepedonicum).

For best results, hard non-porous surfaces should be cleaned and washed thoroughly before being treated with the diluted solution of Ag-Services Inc. General Storage Disinfectant.

OxiDate is a Bactericide/Fungicide for Potato Storage Treatment. OxiDate is Registered in Canada to control Fusarium Tuber Rot, Bacterial Soft Rot, Silver scurf, for application on Potatoes going into storage or for post harvest through the humidification system.

Its mode of action is oxidation, which kills fungi, bacteria, algae and their spores on contact. It's both curative and preventative.

Killing spores is the most important step in preventing disease cycles and crop loss as a result of disease. OxiDate is Now OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) Listed

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