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Our fumigation center 

Adalia Group Inc. has developed and operates the first fumigation center entirely dedicated to the fumigation of sea containers, trailers and various bulked goods.

Unique in North America the Adalia Fumigation Centre is operational all year round. The best fumigation techniques in controlled atmosphere are used in this state-of-the-art center in order to reduce ozone layer depleting gases emissions.

Customs and Agriculture Canada accredited, having a weekly capacity of twenty-five containers, this center allows to control many undesirable pest before they can be introduced in the country, such as the Asian Longhorn beetle.

The center also has a very performing vacuum system chamber for the fumigation of packing material or small volumes of goods, spices, furniture and even art collections.

This unique service allows importer and exporters to avoid having their shipment hold at destination and/or returned to the origin country.

Unique in North America the Adalia Fumigation Centre is operational all year round and the best fumigation techniques in controlled atmosphere are used ... 

Import & export

Adalia will take care of all your needs regarding domestic, import and/or export fumigation.

The Adalia team is always aware of new regulation and standards for vegetal protection such as the new international directive for wood packing and dunnage material and even more specifically, wood pallets. For more details on Canadian and international regulations, please consult the following link:
D-98-08 for the Canadian regulation,
ISPM 15 for the international regulation.

- For small package fumigation, our vacuum fumigation chamber will be more than appropriate.
- Your shipping involves a non-standard container of larger size or an « open top » type.


With Adalia you get an all-inclusive service. As soon as your call is answered, our experienced team will address the situation and coordinate the entire procedure.

We will arrange C.F.I.A. supervision, have a well renowned transporter deliver your container to our fumigation centre, unique in North America for its controlled atmosphere, and return it at the terminal once the fumigation process is completed.

C.F.I.A. will be advised when fumigation is completed and will then proceed to release the container. You will then be advised that your container is available and ready to be picked-up to be delivered to its final destination.

You have a container quarantined by C.F.I.A. ... our fumigation centre is designed to receive 25 containers per week, all year round. If our experts feel fumigation of the content of a container would be unsafe, you would then be advised of possible solutions and directed to appropriate individuals and/or companies who could render the said service.

Our team is customer oriented, professional, and always on guard for new regulations and technologies.

The reputation of our expertise, our customer service, and compliance with established standards is unanimous in the industry. Fumigated container at Adalia guarantees you a peace of mind. 

Wagons & trailers 

Adalia offers a wide range of complete services to producers and processors.
We offer a mobile fumigation service for all types of goods and transport equipment: containers, trailers and railcars.

Other services


Adalia provides you with a team of professionals having a solid training in industrial hygiene.

We use only the best equipments available on the market to make our analysis and controls.

We are also agents for the Draëger brand of equipment used for air analysis.

We will be happy to assist you in acquiring this type of detection equipment for your installations.


- The Aluminum Phosphide for the control of insects by fumigation of food, fodder, cereals and grains in bulk and also non-food products.

- The Diatomaceous Earth branded PROTECT-IT ™ for the treatment of production equipment and storage structures. This non-chemical and non-toxic compound diatomaceous earth and silica gel is suitable for the fight against pests in organic certified facilities.

- The Methyl bromide for the fumigation of production equipment, structures, factories and packing materials such as dunnage and pallets.

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